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Custom Keyboards

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Color coded keys For those who want a complete solution, we can create a custom keyboard with custom printed keys. We remove the original keys and replace them with new, custom printed keys. (When does a custom keyboard make sense?)

Who needs a custom keyboard?
Anyone who is using software on a computer in a situation where accuracy, speed, or efficiency is critical. Using keyboard commands is always faster than grabbing a mouse and pointing to a menu. Here are some examples:

  • 911 Emergency response operators benefit from color-coded custom keys that allow them to respond more quickly.

  • Cash register operators benefit from custom printed keys to provide quick and accurate checkout for the customer.

  • Banking offices where specialized software requires highly accurate, quick response on the keyboard.

  • Customer Service Operators benefit from faster computer response via keyboard entry.

  • Telemarketing operators who need to service the customer in a quick, timely manner can quickly access color-coded command keys rather than menus.

  • Anyone who deals with the public using a computer can benefit by being able to provide faster computer response to the customer's needs.

  • Anyone who deals with specialized software that uses keyboard commands to access critical functions. 

Custom keyboards also can shorten the training time for new employees by making the software functions easier and quicker to access. We can design a custom keyboard to match specialized software commands. Keys can include color, text printing, and art printing (symbols or logos). You can provide the finished artwork or our Art Department can work with you to create the artwork you need.

A custom keyboard can make data entry easier, faster, and more accurate by providing commonly used keyboard commands at your finger-tips. We can also color code the keys to make special command keys stand out for faster data entry.

Whether you need 10 custom keyboards or a thousand, we can design and manufacture a custom keyboard solution to fit your exact needs. We can manufacture two-shot keys for high-use custom keyboard applications; two-shot keys ensure that the key legend will not wear off in high-use environments.

Cherry Keyboards

Authorized Distributor for
Cherry Keyboard Products

We are an authorized distributor for Cherry keyboard. We can customize any Cherry keyboard with custom keys, keyboard stickers, or templates to meet your specific needs.

Custom Cherry keyboards can include bar code readers, mag card readers, smart card readers, touch pad pointing devices, and more. These keyboards are especially useful for specialized Point of Sale (POS) systems, specialized software, and rack-mounted systems.

For information or custom price quotes on custom keycaps, custom keyboard, custom mouse pads, custom stickers, and custom templates, call:

or 480-813-3100
Fax: 480-813-3280