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Stop sign

Why is a stop sign red?
(And how can that make your data entry faster?)

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When do Custom Keys make sense?

A stop sign combines a distinctive shape with a bright color---red. The shape immediately tells you that it is a stop sign, but it is the bright color that makes the sign standout from everything else. Bright color attracts our attention.

Data entry can benefit from this concept of color-coding. Just as in traffic where red means stop and green means go, colored keys or keycaps can attract our attention when entering data or using software. In addition to better visibility, color-coding helps operators remember the keyboard commands better. The result is faster, more accurate data entry that is less fatiguing for the operator.

How do you customize a keyboard?

Keyboards can be customized in a number of different ways depending upon the specific software needs.

Custom Keyboard. We can completely customize a keyboard with full key replacement, keytop stickers, or a combination depending upon your needs. One of the advantages of customizing the complete keyboard is that we use only high quality keyboards for our projects. After you have invested in color keys, imprinted keys, or special stickers, you want your new customized keyboard to provide you with years of trouble-free service.
. Special Keys and Keycaps. Standard keys and keycaps can be replaced with colored keys for greater visibility. The color keys can have a standard key legend or printing or they may have special commands that match the software
Keytop and Keyfront Stickers. Custom keytop stickers or decals can replace the standard key lettering with a solid color, with special commands, or color-coded commands. Using color-coded commands on a key or overlays can quickly indicate to the operator which control key (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, etc.) key to use in conjunction with another key.
Keyboard templates and faceplates. A very simple solution to providing commands at the operator's fingertips is to have a keyboard template that sits directly on the keyboard. The template can include the most commonly used commands for the operator's reference. The result is that the command information is immediately at the user's fingertips. They spend more time doing accurate data entry and less time looking through user guides or "cheat sheets."

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