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When should you use a custom keyboard?

Custom keyboards work best for situations in which a computer uses primarily one software application, such as a word processor or a specialized software application. The single purpose or primary purpose of the system should be devoted to helping the operator use the many features of the application quickly and easily. When the application is easier to use, the data entry is faster and more accurate. In addition, ease of use reduces operator fatigue, which can also contribute to increased productivity and accuracy.

We can manufacture as many custom keyboards, key sets, or keyboard stickers as you need. A minimum of 20 units or sets is generally required to make the job cost effective for you. However, there are instances when you may have a software application, which makes even fewer units cost effective for you. One of our Custom Products Consultants can assist you in determining your needs and providing possible solutions that can meet your requirements.

When can you afford to have custom keyboards?

If you have twenty or more computers or workstations that primarily use one software application, then you might consider using customized keyboards. A customized keyboard doesn't take vacations, it doesn't take sick leave, it doesn't even take coffee breaks. Data entry generally is a labor-intensive job in which the biggest expense is the labor cost. If you can reduce the cost of labor while increasing productivity and efficiency by installing an inexpensive, customized keyboard, then it can be a good investment.

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For information or custom price quotes on custom keycaps, custom keyboard, custom mouse pads, custom keyboard stickers, and custom templates, call:

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